Hotel Managers and Time Management

April 27, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hotel Management 101

Time management remains a key ingredient for hotel management. Hotel managers everywhere have a routine they must follow to ensure all potential sales options are pursued. Products such as Micros and Amadeus provide tools to collect customer sales data which can be translated into predictive models to stimulate sales. They also provide tools to manage revenue and operations. Even with this data it remains necessary for hotel managers to rely upon their own analytic skills and work ethic to implement strategies that may be repetitive or innovative.

For most, it takes several years of trial and error to learn how to manage the most difficult of circumstances. Hotel revenue management software products are not cheap – neither is the cost of employing someone with enough skills to use it properly. In order for a hotel manager to operate effectively, though, an investment of some type is required. Substantial time will be spent in revenue analysis by a hotel manager who wishes their business to succeed. Here are some tips for those hotel managers who struggle with time management and hence, allow their hotel to collapse its revenue streams.

  1. Write a business plan – A hotel manager who is newly introduced to any situation will need to evaluate all of the possible ways to produce effective results. Don’t think that you can just dive right in and be successful! There are already processes that existed before you arrived in your current position. What worked and what didn’t? Write a strategy and actually reference this important document when you need an answer.
  2. Don’t over-extend yourself – Delegate! You may think you are the only one that can get the work done, but you could be missing one important key to your business strategy… lead your team to help them become what you want them to be. Don’t do their work for them.
  3. Hire the right people – There are too many hotel owners who refuse to put their faith in employees who they feel would not do their work as effectively as themselves. This is understandable. But, don’t think that you will be able to find the time to do all of the work by yourself. When you are trying to find reliable employees keep in mind your desires to mold them into what you want them to be. A person could already know how to do the job. But they won’t know how you want them to do it until they actually begin the work.
  4. Train your employees – Can you count on your housekeeping to leave the rooms spotless? Can you count on your front desk clerk to treat guests with respect and kindness? What about your maintenance and landscaping personnel? Are they cutting corners (literally) to make their work go faster? You’ve got to avoid such a mess by having a training strategy in place before you start throwing people into a position they may not be effective in. Put your training in writing and make sure a plan is in place for your employees to complete different modules or steps with testing and dedicated time periods for each. Then, perform employee reviews to learn what your employees do well and what they don’t.
  1. Kendall Everett said on June 2, 2016 9:47 pm:

    Your tip to hire reliable employees is really smart. Hiring people to help do the jobs you don’t have time for is really important. If you hire someone that you’re unsure will be a good fit, establishing a good training program may be a good idea.

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